The core functions of any manufacturing company are purchasing, production and sales–activities that rely on material and human resources. Today, as in the near future, the profitability of a company increasingly depends on the skills and expertise of its employees. Only a company that has confidence in its staff and invests in their skills will succeed in standing out in the global market place.

The amount of value added created by industrial manufacturing companies is estimated at around 40%. Consequently, purchasing organizations are responsible for some 60% of corporate expenditure. The ability of buyers to secure the right price when purchasing company supplies therefore has a crucial impact on long-term profitability.

But what exactly is the “right” price? It is the mutually acceptable price agreed with your supplier which enables him to manufacture, deliver and technically optimize his products on a long term basis. To ensure the sustainable success of a purchasing organization it is vital to build a close customer-supplier relationship based on partnership and trust. Mutual respect and fairness play a key role in creating the foundations for fair and mutually acceptable prices.

Professionalism in dealing with numbers and figures is a vital prerequisite to obtaining cost transparency and, accordingly, the “right” prices. We are convinced that an intimate understanding and appreciation of business partners’ needs combined with outstanding competence in handling facts and figures is essential to achieving long-term success and profitability. This is our mission and the cornerstone of our leading-edge consulting services.

Our prime aim is to familiarize your employees with our modules and thus empower them to apply these methods autonomously. These modules include a unique and highly efficient methods analysis tool designed to make “transparent” the cost and price structure of your parts and components. Using this proven method, we identify for you cost saving potentials which you can jointly implement in tandem with your suppliers. We will be happy to provide examples. Also, at your request, we can generate for you the relevant component costing and lead the negotiations with your supplier. Our service package also includes supplier selection and assessment as well as advice on implementing any requisite organizational adjustments.